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We stock lots of microphones, for various uses:

  • Bands

  • Conference lectern microphones

  • Theatre headset mics

Great Mics for bands

We stock lots of Mics and DIs for bands including:

  • Shure SM58

  • Shure SM57

  • Sennheiser E604

  • Sennheiser E906

  • Sennheiser E835

  • AKG C1000

  • AKG D112

  • LDI02

  • DI100

  • Sennheiser Handheld Radio Mics

  • and others 

Theatre Microphones

We stock lots of options for theatre groups including

  • Lots of headset radio microphones, e.g. single ear (in beige), dual ear (black / beige)

  • Dynamic headset mics

  • Lapel mics

  • Audio Technical Hanging mics

  • Shotgun Mics.

Conference Microphones

From Lectern Microphones, Lapel Mics, Handheld microphones.  We are covered to make sure everyone can hear!

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