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Schools - Technicians and Services

How we can benefit your school!

Our Managing Director worked in a school for 5 years as a performing arts technician.  He understands that the next cohorts of technicians need to be taught and inspired to find their passion!

We already work with several schools and are always talking to more about various ways we can assist:

  • Providing technicians for shows, either the full run, or bring us in for just the tech run and train a student to run it for the shows.  This reduces the directors and staffs worries about sorting that aspect.  We can work from the cue sheets you make OR we can create/design the lighting independently.

  • Running GCSE and A Level lighting and sound:  This allows you to concentrate on the other parts of the exams, enhances the performance and really gets the students into the right mindset.

  • Hire of equipment: some schools do not have very much technical equipment, others have lots of equipment. We can provide from a few radio microphones, right up to 20+radio microphones, full sound system, drapes, lighting rigs and more, depending on exactly what you require.

  • Installation: if you are planning to convert to LED lights, have new drapes, or a new sound system we can come and do a free site visit to make sure we can understand your exact requirements

  • Services and maintenance: We spend most school holidays going into schools to check over their rigs, maintaining them, and servicing them to make sure they can keep going and are up to standard.

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