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Technical Theatre workshops!

Jon has created a workshop to help candidates studying the GCSE and A Level Design courses. It is additionally very useful for terminology for all students, giving a hands on approach to learning.

We have also run staff CPD training and sessions for tech clubs.


We have worked with local theatres to offer theatre experience weeks, teaching and demonstrating technical theatre.


On the schools workshop we provide a handout for every participant, and hands-on training with the equipment. The workshops are tailored to the kit that is already installed in the school to ensure that the students get the best results they can, plus explaining new kit, as the students need to know how to get the best results for their exams with what is available to them. If you do not have any kit this does not mean we cannot bring the workshop, it just means they will have to use more of the kit we bring in for the hands-on training part.  For full details please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we can send you the break down.

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