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Special Effects

We offer lots of special effects!


Our sparks effects use safe cold sparks effects, great for adding that extra sparkle to your event, be it a product launch, wedding, or competition!

Smoke / Haze / Dry Ice

Smoke - gives a thick smoke effect, great for hiding things. We own Vertical and Horizontal effect machines.

Haze - is a fine mist, it shows up the beams of light, great for concerts and events to highlight the lighting and effects, also allows laser beams to be seen.

Dry Ice - We tend to call this the "dancing on clouds". It is a smoke that stays at ground level, amazing for a first dance!

Le Maitre Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics can add effects to theatre shows, add confetti to events, as well as myriad other possibilities!  In order to make sure we are safe we stock the leading supplier of pyrotechnic firers and pods

Other Effects

Other effects we stock:

  • Snow Machines

  • Bubble Machines

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